How well is the city performing when it comes to liveability?


Connectivity investigates how integrated the transport system is, both at the physical and digital dimensions.
Connectivity looks at assessing the quality of the journey experience based on how barrier free and easy the transport system is to navigate.

Under this lever, we look at:
• Seamlessness
• Usability


Wellbeing explores how the city is performing in terms of easiness of choosing healthy and responsible mobility options by exploring the spectrum of options offered to the users and their travel habits.
Wellbeing also looks at road safety, accessibility and equity of the system as a proxy for happiness.

Under this lever, we look at:
• Quality of life
• Fairness
• Sustainable and healthy mobility


Environment looks at two key environmental pressures to assess the performance of the city, and its progress regarding energy consumption as a marker for environmental sustainability and air pollution.

Under this lever, we look at:
• Air Quality
• Energy Consumption