A guide for cities to foster innovation

UMii aims to provide insights into urban mobility and innovation in cities across the world, and to deliver a guide for cities to foster innovation in their urban mobility services and systems. Data is collected globally from cities invited to participate to the index.

The research methodology is developed around 3 dimensions, each dimension using 3 composite indicators. This framework should enable inter-city comparison and conversation, rather than scoring and ranking cities competitively.

UMii is setting up a Forum where cities contributing to the index can exchange knowledge and learn “best and next practices”. The UMii Forum is a platform supporting city leaders and their officials to develop policies and conditions that result in innovative mobility solutions.

UMii is ground-breaking. There are few indexes dedicated to urban transport, and none that specifically measure cities’ capacity to foster and implement innovation in this sector.”

Tim Moonen, Intelligence Director at The Business of Cities.



Knowledge exchange between cities worldwide


Guide for cities to foster innovation


Capture the entire innovation value chain