UMii Forum at Smart City Expo World Congress

By November 21, 2018News

On 14 November, UMii organised and hosted the Urban Mobility Innovation index Forum at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. SCEWC is one of the biggest smart city events in the world.

The session, which was moderated by UITP Project Manager Karine Sbirrazzuoli, provided a setting for city representatives to discuss what innovation means to them, what they are doing to foster innovation in their region and to learn best and next practices from each other.

The UMii Forum was opened by UITP President Pere Calvet, and was attended by city representatives from all over the world. While long-time members Barcelona, London, and Dubai came to update their progress, UITP was happy to welcome the City of Surrey (Vancouver), Budapest, Montevideo, Natal, and Basel as new joiners to the UMii network. These five cities along with 10 other new cities will have their innovation profiles included in the next UMii report planned for 2020. 

After every city took the stage, a round table discussion was held on the challenges that still lie ahead. Heard from every city was the ever growing need to exchange best practices – cities need ‘Innovation Champions’ who can set examples and who can be learned from. Also discussed was the fact that to truly benefit from innovation, cities have to be enabled to actually accelerate the initiatives they develop. Therefore, a framework such as UMii can be a good starting point to find a common DNA between cities that looks beyond differences and specificities. From here, a defined roadmap could be developed to accelerate the process of innovation and make it more sustainable.

UMii would like to thank all attendees for their valuable input!

Stay stuned for the announcement of the next UMii Forum…

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