UMii on the web & in the future

By January 9, 2018News

The conclusions of the first report of the Urban Mobility Innovation index have been featured in an article of the International Association for Public Transport’s latest news. Since the release of the report, the Association has published a series of six different news articles to present some significant aspects of the 30 UMii cities.

The web series exposed key characteristics that help shaped the mobility network and the particularities of these specific urban environments, by focusing each article on a different region: the Middle East and North AfricaAsia-Pacific (with India & Australia), North and Latin AmericaEuropeAfrica and Turkey.

A new video has also been published presenting recently on Youtube and Vimeo, presenting the ambitious project to a wider public, with the hope to attract more cities but also fruitful partnerships with other organisations for the future of UMii.