UITP Press Release dedicated to UMii

By May 29, 2017News

Following the presentation of its framework and initial findings by Alain Flaush, UITP Secretary General in a Plenary Session at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Montreal on the 16/05/17, UMi had a dedicated UITP press release.

The press release resumes key messages coming from UMii preliminary results.

“Key messages for urban leaders from the project focus on the need to share (sharing the ownership of the city’s strategy with the ones benefiting from it) to look at mobility in the wider context of sustainable urban planning (it’s not just a transport challenge) or to explore the power of data.”

“Whilst most of the innovative ideas identified in the project were local and contextual – there are also common threads that can be applied in other cities in order to remove obstacles to innovation that are often present. The project also focused on the need for clarity: the increasing focus on innovation globally has led to a need to fully understand it in order to exploit its potential and one of the focal points of UMii was to develop qualitative indicators for cities to make mobility smarter.”

Press release available here.