7 new cities participating to UMii

By January 27, 2017News

Since the beginning of the year, representatives of 7 cities, either public authorities or organisations in charge of public transport have accepted to participate to the Urban Mobility innovation index and to join the Urban Mobility innovation Forum.

Geneva, Los Angeles, Lisbon, Manchester, Mexico, Moscow and Rosario have accepted the invitation, which makes the total number of cities involved in the UMii project of 27 cities from 26 different countries and from all regions in the World. The cities are all very different in many aspects which should provide a wide variety of profiles and a good level of representation for the index.


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  • Harisu Halle Jani says:

    I hope Abuja city (Nigeria) is among the 7 cities
    Thank you

    • UMii says:

      Abuja was already part of the UMii cities before those 7 additional cities. Abuja has been listed on the website in December 2016 in the Cities list (click on “Citie” on the website). For your information, we will publish some news about the cities which have already been interviewed and Abuja is part of them.

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